Gaming Journal Weeks 29 and 30

Wow, it’s been a busy summer!  Lots of game playing, reviewing games on Board Game Duel, as well as doing some preview Kickstarter games.  Because of this, I’ve had less time to update this journal with every game.  So here’s a good overview of what we’ve been playing the past few weeks!


Star Wars: X Wing Miniatures Game

  • We finally decided to pull the trigger on this one
  • Absolutely great decision, we love this game and already bought a few of the expansions
  • My favorite part is how they include Expanded Universe characters in the expansions
  • The mechanics are great, love the movement.  Not a fan of the dice rolls as it adds a fair amount of randomness, but still a good game.


Sushi Go!

  • New favorite filler game, 2-3 players, 10 min game sessions
  • Basically a simplified version of 7 Wonders with a cute sushi theme
  • Card drafting mechcanic at its finest



  • Kickstarter preview games for Pack O Games
  • GEM is a bidding game similar to Medici
  • TAJ is a voting game in which you try and get your rug in the Taj Mahal
  • These games are the size of a pack of gum, very unique and fun.
  • Launches August 4th


Lift Off!

  • Kickstarter preview game by Ed Baraf.
  • Modular board game where you try to get your aliens off the planet before they explode
  • Great family game and introduction into mechanics such as worker placement
  • Launches July 30th


Space Hulk: Death Angel

  • Bought this mainly to play solo, but also enjoy it 2P
  • Co-op card game where you are trying to defeat the gene stealers and get through all the locations
  • Inspired by Space Hulk

Gaming Journal Weeks 27 and 28 of 52

Tons of gaming to be had these past two weeks!  Highlights include bringing my brother, his wife, and daughter to Guardian Games, one of the biggest board game shops around.  Also, playing games on the 4th of July and with family visiting has been awesome.Viva Java Dice

Viva Java: The Dice Game

  • 1st time playing, 4 player, 30 min game sessions
  • So excited that my friend finally got his Kickstarter copy.
  • Absolutely love this game and wish I had a copy for myself, especially with the solo rules included
  • Will play again and will purchase as soon as it becomes available


Love Letter

  • 2 player, 15 min play session
  • Played Love Letter on our anniversary at a Hawaiian restaurant.
  • Was fun, and the waitress was amazed we were playing a game at a restaurant


Krosmaster Arena

  • 1st time playing full game, 2 player, 1 hour play session
  • Finally purchased the game after playing the tutorial a couple months ago
  • My love of tactical turn based games made me really enjoy this game as I already knew the mechanics.
  • Will play again and want to try with teams in the future.


Bang! The Dice Game

  • 6 player, Multiple sessions over an hour
  • Introduced this to my nieces and brother who LOVED the game and did quite well at it
  • My niece hated getting the outlaw every game, but it was pretty hilarious regardless
  • Hands down one of the best party games around.  Also played it on the 4th with friends


Timeline: Inventions

  • 1st time playing, 4 player, 20 min game session
  • Very impressed with Timeline, more than I thought I would
  • I love how you have to use logic as the game gets harder
  • Surprised my gaming group liked this, even thought it’s a lighter game.
  • Will definitely use it in my homeschool logic games class in the future.



  • 3 player, 30 min game session
  • Obligatory 4th of July game!
  • Got a high score of 22, really enjoyed it this time
  • Definitely a great game to play sitting around on 4th of July (or any holiday for that matter!)


Stone Age

  • 4 player, 1.5 hour game session
  • Medium level worker placement
  • Hadn’t played in awhile, but it was great to get it back out
  • It’s not my favorite worker placement, but it’s a solid game

Gaming Journal Weeks 24 and 25

Some epic gaming weeks were had with Russian Railroads and Gravwell.  Highlights include going to Free RPG Day at Dice Age Games and getting a free Shadowrun campaign.  We also enjoyed playing Russian Railroads with our gaming group.  photo-105

Russian Railroads

  • First time playing, 4 player, 3 hour game session
  • Classic worker placement with a train theme
  • Our friend got way ahead, beat us by 100 points, he had the right strategy from the start
  • Played 2 player as well, which uses a different board.  Games tend to be closer in points.
  • Will play again, one of the best worker placements we own.


Power Grid: First Sparks

  • First time playing, 3 player, 1 hour game session
  • Light Euro game that I really enjoyed
  • By the same designer from Friday, and had some of the same components which was awesome
  • Definitely a great gateway game into the genre



  • First time playing, 2 player, 30 min game session
  • Demoed at our local game store, had heard great reviews about it
  • Surprised us how good it was, for how short and light it is
  • Put it on our wish list and will be getting it soon


Lewis and Clark

  • Second time playing, 4 player, 2.5 hour game session
  • Felt a bit easier this time as I tried to buy more cards
  • Still very hard to plan and game is unforgiving
  • Want to try solo variant soon



  • Played many times over the course of these weeks, with 2, 3 and 4 players
  • I don’t enjoy Splendor as much after playing it more, but possibly played it too many times in one week
  • The components are still awesome, best part of the game


Marvel Dice Masters

  • Longest Dice Masters game ever, took 1.5 hours
  • We both picked very defensive heroes, so the game took much longer than it should have
  • I love my new dice bags which I got from my local game store.
  • Dice Masters isn’t our favorite game but it’s fun to break out and roll some dice!


7 Wonders

  • Been doing team play recently with our game group
  • Teams even 2v2 is quite fun and adds to the replay value of the game