Playing with CSS/HTML

I like customizing my blog, so I’ve been toggling with the code that came with the theme.  It’s not been perfect, but I’ve been decently making it through.  It’s pretty cool being able to figure out this stuff on my own, with the help of some formatting sites.  Maybe this will inspire me to finally learn code…

Singing in the Shower

Let’s be honest, almost everyone I know sings in the shower.  It’s just an awesome, fun thing to do!  So today, I decided to make a “shower mix.” It ended up being AMAZING.  Basically I chose songs that I enjoyed that also I could sing well within my range.  Here is my list!  What would be your list of shower songs?

  1.  Build that Wall (Zia’s Theme)-Bastion Soundtrack
  2. Mother I’m Here (Zulf’s Theme)-Bastion Soundtrack
  3. Setting Sail, Coming Home-Bastion Soundtrack
  4. The Call-Regina Spektor
  5. (If you want it)-Relient K
  6. Tidal Wave-Owl City
  7. Plant Life-Owl City
  8. This is the Future-Owl City
  9. We’re so Far Away-Mae