My Gaming Journal Winter ’18/19

Cold and wet weather is always a good opportunity for gaming, and this winter we played a lot of gaming! I won’t be doing a weekly gaming journal this time around, but I do hope to do a gaming journal bi-monthly in the future. Here’s what we played in the past few months!

7 Wonders with the Armada Expansion!

Switch/iOS Gaming

Let’s Go Pikachu: I wasn’t expecting this one to be a legit Pokemon game on the Switch and it did not disappointed! I played through twice between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: We played this one loads over the holidays and it was just as good as we expected. I even had a Super Smash Bros party for my birthday!

Octopath Traveler: Got this one for my birthday and it was amazing! A classic style JRPG with plenty of new style content to keep it fresh.

Star Realms (app): The app has grown since it first came to the app store and not only boasts a popular online gaming area, but also a robust solo campaign mode that just keeps on giving.

Board Games

Dropmix: Found this one on super discount at Target. A great party game that combines using an app with a bluetooth compatible board with cards. Great for anyone that loves music!

Azul: I got this one for my husband for Christmas and it turned out to become one of my favorite games of the year! Easy to teach and learn and games take under an hour.

7 Wonders Armada: An expansion to our favorite game and it did not disappoint. Brings freshness to the base game that keeps us on our toes. Plus the theme is amazing!

Werewords: We got this one earlier last year, but we keep getting it to the table. I love how easy it is to play and how each game takes only about 6 min to play. It’s a great game for almost any family event.

Dungeons and Dragons: We play D&D with friends every other week. My husband got a 3D printer, so now we have custom minis and terrain! It’s so much fun doing storytelling with dice.

Gaming Goals for Spring 2019

I’m hoping to dial back my Nintendo Switch gaming and try to do more board gaming. We had to cancel a lot of game nights in January due to schedule and weather. Hoping to be more consistent in the spring, and also hope to get more regular 2 player gaming in with my husband! Our evening schedule should start lightening up in just a few months.