Gaming Journal Weeks 29 and 30

Wow, it’s been a busy summer!  Lots of game playing, reviewing games on Board Game Duel, as well as doing some preview Kickstarter games.  Because of this, I’ve had less time to update this journal with every game.  So here’s a good overview of what we’ve been playing the past few weeks!


Star Wars: X Wing Miniatures Game

  • We finally decided to pull the trigger on this one
  • Absolutely great decision, we love this game and already bought a few of the expansions
  • My favorite part is how they include Expanded Universe characters in the expansions
  • The mechanics are great, love the movement.  Not a fan of the dice rolls as it adds a fair amount of randomness, but still a good game.


Sushi Go!

  • New favorite filler game, 2-3 players, 10 min game sessions
  • Basically a simplified version of 7 Wonders with a cute sushi theme
  • Card drafting mechcanic at its finest



  • Kickstarter preview games for Pack O Games
  • GEM is a bidding game similar to Medici
  • TAJ is a voting game in which you try and get your rug in the Taj Mahal
  • These games are the size of a pack of gum, very unique and fun.
  • Launches August 4th


Lift Off!

  • Kickstarter preview game by Ed Baraf.
  • Modular board game where you try to get your aliens off the planet before they explode
  • Great family game and introduction into mechanics such as worker placement
  • Launches July 30th


Space Hulk: Death Angel

  • Bought this mainly to play solo, but also enjoy it 2P
  • Co-op card game where you are trying to defeat the gene stealers and get through all the locations
  • Inspired by Space Hulk