Singing in the Shower

Let’s be honest, almost everyone I know sings in the shower.  It’s just an awesome, fun thing to do!  So today, I decided to make a “shower mix.” It ended up being AMAZING.  Basically I chose songs that I enjoyed that also I could sing well within my range.  Here is my list!  What would be your list of shower songs?

  1.  Build that Wall (Zia’s Theme)-Bastion Soundtrack
  2. Mother I’m Here (Zulf’s Theme)-Bastion Soundtrack
  3. Setting Sail, Coming Home-Bastion Soundtrack
  4. The Call-Regina Spektor
  5. (If you want it)-Relient K
  6. Tidal Wave-Owl City
  7. Plant Life-Owl City
  8. This is the Future-Owl City
  9. We’re so Far Away-Mae