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My favorite video games and board games, alongside games that I want to try out.

Gaming Journal Week 20 of 52

This week as a lighter gaming week as we’ve been busier in the evenings.  However, we did get a game of Guillotine in during pizza night which was a great throwback to our childhood.  So happy that my parents still own that game.




  • First time playing in years, 5 player, 20 min game session
  • Played on pizza night with my parents, sister, and husband
  • We used to play this game as kids, so it was a great throwback
  • Everyone laughs when the piss boy is out
  • Will play again and hoping to get a review out for it soon


Friday: A Solo Adventure

  • 10th time playing, 1 player, 20 min game session
  • Been playing this game 3-4 times a day.
  • Passes the time well, and is a great intellectual challenge
  • Now that I’ve mastered easy, been trying on the harder levels


Terra Mystica

  • 2 and 3 player games, 1-2 hour game sessions
  • Tried the Chaos Magicians and the Auren for the first time
  • Won one and lost one
  • Always an awesome game, no matter how many players
  • Can’t wait for the expansion to come out, which was announced today (it’s still in prototype stage)

Gaming Journal Week 19 of 52

One of the big highlights of this past week was celebrating Star Wars day!  We played a few Space themed games and mostly just had a good time!  Another highlight was getting Star Realms a day early for Mother’s Day, although haven’t played it enough!  That will change soon though.

Had fun trying out our friend brother's prototype galaxy race game.

Had fun trying out our friend brother’s prototype galaxy race game.

Star Realms

  • First time playing, 2 player, 15 min game session
  • Quick deck building game that can go up to 6 players with more decks
  • Was impressed by the art and theme
  • Don’t usually like heavy combat games, but hoping this is light and fast enough to still enjoy it.
  • Will be playing again in order to write a review


Prototype Galaxy Race Game

  • First time playing, 5 player, 1.5 hour game session
  • Our friend’s brother made this game and was play testing it with us
  • It’s a base building, space race game
  • We realized it wasn’t balanced for 5 players, so only played a half game
  • Still tons of fun and hoping to play test it again


Sentinels of the Multiverse

  • 10th time playing, 5 player, 1 hour game session
  • Took special care to setting the difficulty right on the game
  • Had fun even though we lost the first game!



  • 7th time playing, 5 player, 20 min game session
  • Hilarious and fun as always!
  • One of the best party games that I own.


Marvel Dice Masters

  • 3rd time playing, 2 player, 15 min game session
  • Bought a few more boosters, a playmat, and a dice bag
  • Always a good game to break out in the evenings as it’s short and light
  • Excited to try out different combos!

Gaming Journal Week 18 of 52

It was a great gaming week especially with the introduction of Marvel Dice Masters into our game library.  Another highlight was beating Friday: A Solo Adventure on easy level.


Marvel Dice Masters

  • First time playing, 2 Player, 20 min game sessions
  • Was very pleased to find a starter set in Fred Meyer
  • Since then, have bought 26 boosters and plan on buying more to provide more options in the game.
  • Really fun combat dice game, awesome theme, only downside is people are having a hard time finding starter sets
  • Will continue to play as it’s becoming one of our favorite 2 player only games


Lords of Waterdeep w/Skullport expansion

  • Second time playing w/expansion, 3 player, 3 hour game session
  • I love Lords of Waterdeep, but the expansion does make it a much longer game.
  • We did play without mandatory quests, which does help speed up the game
  • While the expansion adds a lot of depth, it also adds a significant increase in game time and each turn can take quite awhile.
  • May play again with expansions, but actually prefer the base game



  • Fifth time playing, 3 player, 1 hour game session
  • We took out heavy attack cards and cards that make scoring difficult
  • It was a very enjoyable game session, everyone played quickly and efficiently.
  • The game came down to just 1-2 points between us all, which is basically a wash since so much scoring happens during the game
  • Will play again, may get an expansion soon.


Star Wars: the Card Game

  • 10th time playing, 2 player, 1 hour game session
  • I played Dark Side and started dominating from the start, by the time the LS got powerful cards, it was too late the save the game
  • Our light side deck is too weak and needs some definite work
  • While the theme is awesome, we prefer Dice Masters now with 2 player combat games
  • Will play again, but need to work on our decks.


Friday: A Solo Adventure

  • First time playing, 1 player, 30 min game session
  • Picked this up at my board game shop as I’ve heard raving reviews about it
  • Very challenging and fun solo player game!
  • Only have beaten one game so far on easy level
  • Will play again and start moving up the difficulty levels.