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Gaming Journal Weeks 24 and 25

Some epic gaming weeks were had with Russian Railroads and Gravwell.  Highlights include going to Free RPG Day at Dice Age Games and getting a free Shadowrun campaign.  We also enjoyed playing Russian Railroads with our gaming group.  photo-105

Russian Railroads

  • First time playing, 4 player, 3 hour game session
  • Classic worker placement with a train theme
  • Our friend got way ahead, beat us by 100 points, he had the right strategy from the start
  • Played 2 player as well, which uses a different board.  Games tend to be closer in points.
  • Will play again, one of the best worker placements we own.


Power Grid: First Sparks

  • First time playing, 3 player, 1 hour game session
  • Light Euro game that I really enjoyed
  • By the same designer from Friday, and had some of the same components which was awesome
  • Definitely a great gateway game into the genre



  • First time playing, 2 player, 30 min game session
  • Demoed at our local game store, had heard great reviews about it
  • Surprised us how good it was, for how short and light it is
  • Put it on our wish list and will be getting it soon


Lewis and Clark

  • Second time playing, 4 player, 2.5 hour game session
  • Felt a bit easier this time as I tried to buy more cards
  • Still very hard to plan and game is unforgiving
  • Want to try solo variant soon



  • Played many times over the course of these weeks, with 2, 3 and 4 players
  • I don’t enjoy Splendor as much after playing it more, but possibly played it too many times in one week
  • The components are still awesome, best part of the game


Marvel Dice Masters

  • Longest Dice Masters game ever, took 1.5 hours
  • We both picked very defensive heroes, so the game took much longer than it should have
  • I love my new dice bags which I got from my local game store.
  • Dice Masters isn’t our favorite game but it’s fun to break out and roll some dice!


7 Wonders

  • Been doing team play recently with our game group
  • Teams even 2v2 is quite fun and adds to the replay value of the game