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Gaming Journal Week 21 of 52

This week was filled with new gaming which is always a big highlight.  Went to my local board game shop and purchased Council of Verona and The Builders.  Also borrowed Firefly from a friend and bought LOTR Fellowship Deck Builder at Barnes and Noble on major clearance.  My favorite gaming highlights was trying out Firefly for the first time and playing a great game of Battlestar Galactica.


Firefly: The Board Game

  • First time playing, 3 player, 3 hour game session
  • Amazing theme, interesting mechanics, just brushed the surface of this game
  • Perfect for fans of Firefly that want a deep and immersive game
  • Hoping to play more soon!


The Builders: Middle Ages

  • First time playing, 2 players, 15 min game session
  • A good and short filler or gateway game.
  • Lots of calculation which can be good for teaching math
  • Very little player interaction, more of a solitaire game
  • Will play again, next time with 4 players


Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Deck Building Game

  • First time playing, 2 players, 30 min game session
  • Great theme, cool deck builder
  • Pretty random due to ambushes along the path
  • Less complex than Dominion
  • Will play again with 4 players


Battlestar Galactica

  • 3rd time playing, 4 players, 3 hour game session
  • Wasn’t a cylon for the first time, but my husband was!
  • Lost to the cylons but still a very fun game.
  • Best part is accusing people of being a cylon.


7 Wonders w/Cities & Leaders Expansions

  • 4 players, 45 min game session
  • Played with the Leaders expansion for the first time in awhile
  • Awesome as usual, we love having our cards sleeved
  • Will play again and look forward to the Babel expansion coming out this year.


Terra Mystica

  • 2 players, 1 hour game session
  • Did Auren vs Chaos Magician so the cult track was very competitive
  • Very different game as we did not build anywhere near each other