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Gaming Journal Week 20 of 52

This week as a lighter gaming week as we’ve been busier in the evenings.  However, we did get a game of Guillotine in during pizza night which was a great throwback to our childhood.  So happy that my parents still own that game.




  • First time playing in years, 5 player, 20 min game session
  • Played on pizza night with my parents, sister, and husband
  • We used to play this game as kids, so it was a great throwback
  • Everyone laughs when the piss boy is out
  • Will play again and hoping to get a review out for it soon


Friday: A Solo Adventure

  • 10th time playing, 1 player, 20 min game session
  • Been playing this game 3-4 times a day.
  • Passes the time well, and is a great intellectual challenge
  • Now that I’ve mastered easy, been trying on the harder levels


Terra Mystica

  • 2 and 3 player games, 1-2 hour game sessions
  • Tried the Chaos Magicians and the Auren for the first time
  • Won one and lost one
  • Always an awesome game, no matter how many players
  • Can’t wait for the expansion to come out, which was announced today (it’s still in prototype stage)