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Gaming Journal Week 18 of 52

It was a great gaming week especially with the introduction of Marvel Dice Masters into our game library.  Another highlight was beating Friday: A Solo Adventure on easy level.


Marvel Dice Masters

  • First time playing, 2 Player, 20 min game sessions
  • Was very pleased to find a starter set in Fred Meyer
  • Since then, have bought 26 boosters and plan on buying more to provide more options in the game.
  • Really fun combat dice game, awesome theme, only downside is people are having a hard time finding starter sets
  • Will continue to play as it’s becoming one of our favorite 2 player only games


Lords of Waterdeep w/Skullport expansion

  • Second time playing w/expansion, 3 player, 3 hour game session
  • I love Lords of Waterdeep, but the expansion does make it a much longer game.
  • We did play without mandatory quests, which does help speed up the game
  • While the expansion adds a lot of depth, it also adds a significant increase in game time and each turn can take quite awhile.
  • May play again with expansions, but actually prefer the base game



  • Fifth time playing, 3 player, 1 hour game session
  • We took out heavy attack cards and cards that make scoring difficult
  • It was a very enjoyable game session, everyone played quickly and efficiently.
  • The game came down to just 1-2 points between us all, which is basically a wash since so much scoring happens during the game
  • Will play again, may get an expansion soon.


Star Wars: the Card Game

  • 10th time playing, 2 player, 1 hour game session
  • I played Dark Side and started dominating from the start, by the time the LS got powerful cards, it was too late the save the game
  • Our light side deck is too weak and needs some definite work
  • While the theme is awesome, we prefer Dice Masters now with 2 player combat games
  • Will play again, but need to work on our decks.


Friday: A Solo Adventure

  • First time playing, 1 player, 30 min game session
  • Picked this up at my board game shop as I’ve heard raving reviews about it
  • Very challenging and fun solo player game!
  • Only have beaten one game so far on easy level
  • Will play again and start moving up the difficulty levels.