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Gaming Journal Week 11 of 52

This week’s highlight was definitely Pi Day, as we had a party with about twelve people and was able to play BANG! Dice Game and 7 Wonders w/teams.  We also enjoyed playing Stone Age for the first time with four people, and picked up Seasons which we have played two player so far.  Also every week, I am continuing to write reviews for Board Game Duel.

Games set out for Pi Day!


Bang! Dice Game

-First time playing, 6 players, 15 min play session

-Had played BANG! Card Game before, but Dice Game was more random but quicker

-A great party game, not super strategic but still enjoyable

-Will play again and keep for big parties


-First time playing, 2 players, 45 min play session

-Kept hearing about how good Seasons was, so picked it up

-Beautiful art, awesome components

-Excited to play with more people, as with 2 player it’s easier to make big and costly mistakes early in the game

-Will play again, especially with more people to see if it’s more balanced


-First time playing, 4 players, 40 min play session

-A fun and light game that I played at the Pi Day party

-Gorgeous art, best part of the game

-Will play again, but don’t need to buy as it’s not a game I do well at

Stone Age

-Third time playing, 4 players, 2 hour play session

-First time playing with four players, was quite fun

-Everyone in my gaming group really enjoyed Stone Age, it will become a staple for sure

-Will play again, may look into expansions.

King of Tokyo

-10th time playing, 4 players, 45 min play session

-The Power up Expansion adds a little more depth but King of Tokyo is still just a light party game.

-It’s not our favorite game, but my family loves it so we try and play it semi often whenever they are around

Castles of Burgundy

-3rd time playing, 2 players, 1.5 hour play session

-First time playing with two players, had fun playing it for our review

-It was quicker with two players but less interesting

-Will play again, next time with the full compliment of players

7 Wonders with Teams using Cities Expansion

-First time playing w/teams, 6 player, 1.5 hour play session

-Finally tried out 7 Wonders with teams, was extremely fun

-Having partners made the game very different, which was refreshing

-Will definitely play with teams again, makes the replay value even better