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Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is the one day where mathematicians and non-mathematicians can join together in an awesome holiday to eat pie, appreciate Pi, and throw a party or two.  Here are some ways to make the most out of your Pi Day.

From my 1st pi day party with friends and family, 3 years ago.

From my 1st pi day party with friends and family, 3 years ago.

1.  Throw a Pi Day party!

This is the most obvious choice, as most people enjoy pie, whether it be pizza pie or dessert pie or even a meat pie.  If you’re a math geek, this is the best way to lure in your non-math friends & family for some fun and math puns.  Play some games, eat pie, and enjoy people’s company.

2. Have a math movie/tv marathon

-I.Q. is a lighthearted, fun math movie in which a mechanic fakes being a math genius to order to win the heart of Einstein’s niece.

-Proof is about a daughter of a math genius who is trying to finish her father’s work as he’s become mentally ill.

-Story of One is a fantastic math documentary narrated by ex-Monty Python member Terry Jones.

-Beautiful Mind is dramatic biography about a man named John Nash who created Game Theory.

Other suggestions: Stand & Deliver, Good Will Hunting, Pi, Donald in Mathmagic Land, Numb3rs, Cyberchase

3. Play math games

-Sumoko: Bananagrams but with math operations

-Math Dash: Scrabble with math operations

-Stone Age: not a math game per se, but every turn requires math calculations

Other suggestions: Blokus, Rubik’s cubes, Geek Battle Trivia

Even if you aren’t a math person, Pi Day can still be a way to learn some facts about math, play games, watch a movie, or have fun with friends.