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Big Party Tips with Gamers & Non-Gamers

My husband and I host various parties throughout the year, whether it be Halloween, Pi Day, Star Wars Day, or Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Often times, we are inviting friends and family which are not all gamers.  We have learned many things over the years, and how to throw a party where gamers and non-gamers alike can enjoy each other’s company and not feel like two separate parties in the same house.  Here are some tips on how to throw a party with gamers and non-gamers:

Martian Dice

1. Have short games on the table, especially if the host is playing.

Nothing is worse than arriving at a party where a group is already immersed in an intense game of Wrath of Ashardalon and there’s no way to join in, whether you want to or not.  If you are hosting, it’s vitally important to be able to walk away from the gaming table and greet your guests, get them food, and make sure they have someone to talk to or something to do.  If they are a gamer and want to join in, make sure to be playing games in under 15 minutes so that they may join in the next game.

Game Examples: BANG! Dice Game, Great Dalmuti, For Sale

2. Playing a coop game can solve the hosting problem as stated above.

If guests come and you are playing a coop game, another player can jump in and take your turn for awhile while you get guests settled. Guests who are gamers can also join around the table and offer advice while gameplay is going, essentially becoming someone’s partner.  This can allow the gaming group to play a longer game while not forsaking new guests.

Game Examples: Forbidden Desert, Castle Panic

3. Have a game where people can jump in and out easily.

At big parties, often someone will have to leave, take care of their children, or people are arriving at various times.  Having games where people can jump in and out (without the expense of enjoying the game) can be really important.

Game Examples: Great Dalmuti, Martian Dice, or Wits and Wagers 

4. As a host, you may have to step out of a few games to be courteous to the non-gamers

Inevitably, there will be people that won’t want to game, even if it’s an easy to learn short one.  Because of this, make sure as a host to step back from the game and make sure your guests are having a good time.  If you are a gamer couple, like my husband and I, this problem is easily solved by taking turns of playing “host” and playing games.  This way, no one feels left out and still gets to enjoy themselves even if they don’t want to join in.

In conclusion, be a courteous host, make sure your guests all have something to do, and be ready to step away from a game if needed.