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Arg! How to celebrate talk like a pirate day

Talk like a Pirate Day is swiftly approaching and one would best be prepared to celebrate.  Whether or not you have children, talk like a pirate day can be fun for everyone, especially if you make a party or a whole day of it.  Here are some ways to celebrate!

talk like a pirate

1. Costumes:  At the very least wear a Pirates of the Caribbean shirt.  Depending on how casual your work is, you may be able to pull off a full on pirate costume.

2. Make a pirate movie/show marathon: Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook, Jake and the Never Land Pirates are all fantastic pirate shows.  Even the Goonies would be a great choice.

3. Play Pirate themed video/board games: the Pirate King is a monopoly style game, use for alternate rules for better gameplay.  The Monkey Island games are a perfect way to celebrate! Join Guybrush Threepwood in his adventures as a pirate!


4. Learn how to talk like a pirate: there’s whole websites and books devoted to this, a Pirate Primer is a fantastic resource, and is $6.40 on amazon right now. I just ordered it during this blog writing.

5.  Read a couple pirate books: Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series is fantastic, and by Redwall Author Brain Jacques.  Vampirates is at the very least entertaining.  Under the Black Flag is a great non-fiction resource on pirates.

6. Combine all and have a party:  Invite some friends over, play the games listed above, have a costume contest, and drink some grog and salted pork!