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Deck building! Fun for everyone

Between my husband and I, we have several deck builders in different forms.  We have a co-op deck builder, the standard Dominion plus expansions, and our newest deck building genre: Living Card Game.

Living Card Game is a new type of deck builder where you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to find that rare card to make your deck strong.  Nay, instead, each deck pack has the exact same cards as another deck pack from the same name.  It allows for players to maintain equality, and for more casual deck builders to have a good game but not flesh out their whole paycheck to be competitive.

Star Wars The Card Game is one such Living Card Game.  It is the 2nd highest rated Star Wars game of all time, and being a Star Wars fanatic myself, I knew that we would enjoy the theme.  I am new to this genre, while my husband dabbled in Magic back in the day.  I love playing this game, even though I do feel like there is more luck involved with how one draws as opposed to always having good cards in the hand.  I am told that having a second core set diminishes the luck, but until the Core Set is cheaper than 30 bucks, we’ll wait for now.

What I love about this game is being able to build the deck, and know that my opponent won’t have some rare card that I can’t obtain easily.  I also love the thematic play, being able to “Force Choke” Yoda or using Red Five to destroy Vader’s Tie Fighter.  Once we figured out the entire rules, the game goes smoothly, although we have found that the Dark Side tends to be easier to win, strategy wise.  Because of this, we fight to who gets to play Light Side because it’s a bigger challenge.

A new expansion coming out will expand the game to 2 vs 2 or 1 vs 2-3 play, which sounds very fun.  Currently, the game is 1 vs 1, unless you have more core sets and there are some multiplayer options.  Highly recommended for those who want to get into deck building without the huge financial commitment.  Also, for those who want a different theme in the same genre, try NetRunner!

Usually my husband and I stick to co-op games as we can get highly competitive.  Because of our current deck building obsession, we found an awesome co-op deck builder called ShadowRift.  Think Dominion meets Thunderstone Advance with co-op.  You can play 2-6 players, and so far we have done 2 or 3.  Two is fairly difficult, and three players feels like a breeze. You work together to buy cards (like Dominion) in order to defeat monsters and build walls/seal ShadowRifts with your resources.  Highly recommended for those that love Dominion but want a co-op game.

Lastly, I started to play a demo called SolForge, which is a digital only Kickstarter Deck Builder.  You have five different spots you can play your creatures, two at a time during your turn.  You must battle on your turn no matter what, so be careful what creatures you go head to head with your opponent. There’s a free demo via iPad, or pay 20 bucks for early access on Steam (beta) and 20 booster packs.  The iPad does not have any deck building unlocked yet as it is all in beta. Made by the same developers who did Ascension.  Check it out the demo at the very least!

So there you have it, three different deck builders of all different genres.